Idea of Change
July 6, 2015
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July 10, 2015
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Taking A Stand

Now (12:37 AM 7/9/2015)

Here I am back again, How have you been ?
So Yes, Taking a stand! From Drama, From Bulshit, From Unfaithful People And Emotions .

I say No! I’ve let them in and they’ve cost me only damage now. this is Insane but the ugly truth, being a Man of Word and Women of Loyalty is What I find to be Sexy. Sadly very few I come across in life and they’re just too Far to get to. leaving aside the Drama and Crap!

I asked and Urged myself to take a Stand and Start Being better than Yesterday, Do Something Productive and With heart and brains together in it. My current Goals ? CG paper Work -.- one Piece of Crap to be completed . :P
College Stuff You See.

trying to actually Figure out how this blogs are going to be, Bear with me mates.

C ya!
Signing off for today

Loads of Love!