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December 1, 2016
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February 22, 2018
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At a point in time you will realize that you’ve been wrong all along.
Things will leave you, hurt you & break you in very much of every unexpected way.

You will find love in misery after a while, because then is when you realize that’s life. Life that had to teach you this brilliant yet a fruitful lesson of survival. Here you learn the art of Magic to breakdown, shatter and become so impotent that you loose it all.

And now, this is the lesson of your life concludes.

You learn to pick yourself up, dust yourself up, you gather your pieces, you fix them up & you show up in the front row for more.

This is were you will learn the most important part of life. The phenomena every human survives to be introduced to in their own fruitful ways.

HOPE. My Magic Word.