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June 14, 2015
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July 8, 2015
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Idea of Change

Now (12:19 AM 7/7/2015)

I plan to get back to blogging after a month , Seriously with this great idea to change things around for myself and letting go of what i was and will be tomorrow , damn it’s already today :3 , You Understand me Don’t you ?

What is this idea for change?
I refer to requests that I am making to my wandering mind to settle down for a while so that I can realize and list down priorities , I mean. Final year of college. Buzz Buzz!!

It sounds simply stupid for this idea to even think of sharing this with you’ll , I mean come on! Ain’t I already very annoying with my tongue that doesn’t stop. Okay. No Dirty Thoughts on That. I am no pro pah.
I Write shit , stop judging me!

Though I Have my way with words that few Say, I will be modest of all .

Change Is  NEEDED. It’s Un-Deny-able And Very INSANE!

Making the most of it wise.

Change is the rule , I can not deny. – Told by Akshay (Source : Unknown )

Signing off again. already ? I know right

Seeya. hopefully regularly.