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January 1, 2016
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March 8, 2016
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Frustrated and Paranoid

Its not every random thought one face that leaves your head freezed for days, It feels it somewhere in the center it hurts but logic makes no further answer. Its the heart or brain, Perhaps the tale of untold; Leaving my heart wounded to let the brain examine it further. Emotions are heavy and beautiful is agony, Wanders my heart asking why this insanity.

Its not the thing that annoys but then everything about is so paranoid, a Dreadful insight is all one has asking for mercy to last.
I need help, Psychotic it feels. Maybe a doctor to stitch myself up before I keep losing time and love.

Dead it is inside as I’ve never been this shady or frown with smile. Deadly is this heart attack that BHOOMS! up life at sharpest Sight.

– Frustrated and Paranoid – An Adaptation of Emotions – Writer Yash Jain