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July 10, 2015
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August 14, 2015
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Now (2:10 AM 7/12/2015)

I have been working on few projects for two clients and had this amazing talk with my sister, Yashika Jain. She bakes cakes from home serving many delicious cakes and mousse . Based in chennai, she’s one person you should contact for cakes not because she’s my sister but damn she makes the best. Instagram her @lil.happiness .

One stressful day it was today, mails! toughest and frankest of mails were made today. I had to be honest and it might have hurt some people who I truly respect but that’s how money can get you. We still worked out a deal yet essence might be lost of love and respect for each other .

evening was planned to be a ‘School reunion of 12AB’ sadly it was sucky as fuck! bessant nagar beach was the destination but we ended up at marina , Out of 42, only 14 people turned up. Amazing right ?! -.-

Crap apart, Dominos saved my mood. Then drove back, dropped a friend and got back home. Work and Food keeps me well balanced . Haha!

Signing off for today!

Yours ,
Yash Jain