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June 7, 2015
Idea of Change
July 6, 2015
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Confusion Of Thoughts

Today.. Sunday morning!

Blah! I am working and I have disturbed thoughts as I work along design projects for logos and designs for clients
some clients are pain in the ass with the follow-up part to approve the design. I mean literally !
A close friend’s marriage kept me busy for the past days so I couldn’t write anything, Marriage was at Green Coconut Resort ECR Chennai , One Amazing Marriage ! 2 Days of Amazing Stay was Fun! On the second Day I woke up to the Post-Rain Scene right opposite to my villa was the pool and trust me Hot steaming cup of Tea and the calm Pool! Was an amazing delight to feel!

The journey was venturous as I hardly knew the families around yet figured out that we did relate in a way or another!
Crazy Days! Amazing Memories, Felt delighted and special .

signing off,
Yash Jain

More of a Yash thing these days And YaKs ? Nah.