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March 8, 2016
July 12, 2017
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Lenovo Yoga Touch Laptop – Discounted Price

The Lenovo Yoga (Touch Laptop)

Comes With Quad Core (6th Gen), 4GB RAM, 500GB HDD & 8GB SSD With Windows 10.

The Lenovo Yoga 300 Touch Laptop is a well-balanced device which combines the portability of a tablet and faster computing performance of a laptop. Hence, you experience seamless performance with convenient and smarter usability. It has a highly flexible screen with cutting edge technology that allows you to operate this device in four different modes. To enjoy the classic laptop experience, this device has an integrated keyboard and touchpad. Thus, you achieve faster computing with this laptop mode. When you are socializing through video chatting with your friend, the ‘stand’ mode provides you a sense of convenience. With the tent mode, you experience an effective touch experience of the stable and effective screen; while the tablet mode brings more processing power and provides richer entertainment experience.


User Review –
I bought this laptop from my local store and I love it to the max. It has 8GB SSD for caching and boy, it does make a massive difference. Everything feels so snappy and I still get whopping 500GB HDD for something that retails for 30,000 rupees. It has touchscreen, Yoga modes, windows 10, latest processor – what more do you want?

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